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Mr. Bufford

Brandon Bufford

Professional Barber &

CEO of Bufford Enterprise

Brandon Bufford desires to influence others through inspiration, motivated by passion, generated by his vision, produced by his convictions, ignited by his purpose.

2019 Local Love Awards “Entrepreneur of the Year”  

Dallas, TX.



Brandon is the #1 Barber to contact if you’re visiting the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and need a Barber who’s professional, highly skilled, dependable and reliable. 

Brandon has unique experience of working with many celebrity clients. 

Brandon has provided VIP on-site haircuts for entertainers, professional athletes, comedians, pastors, and business leaders all across the country. 

Give Brandon a call to arrange your personal haircut service on-site or at your desired location.

Brandon was selected as the official team barber for Super Bowl XLI. 

He has served as the barber for NFL and NBA training facilities, and has served as the feature barber at corporate, charity and other events. 

Brandon is known for his leadership in creating, organizing and has hosted major Hair, Make-up and Beauty Conferences.

Brandon is recognized as one of the most spiritual, entrepreneurial and inspirational young men in his field.

Booking an appointment on your cell phone or computer is easy through Brandon's appointments system. 

When you book an appointment and walk in the door you can be in his chair within minutes. 

In addition to his barbering skills, Brandon is recognized as one of the leading business men in the field. 

To those who want an enjoyable relationship with a professional barber, Brandon is the man you need to meet.


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